Casey – but yours is still the only love I’ve ever known.” Part 1


Casey is a Welsh melodic hardcore band formed in South Wales, United Kingdom in 2014.


I first heard from these guys when i checked on Dreambound for some new Music, like i often do. After i heard about 15 different Bands which ranged from total crap – to needs to go to my ever growing playlist (Part 2, Part 3) of the Genre Melodic Hardcore (later more about that)

And then i encountered this unbelievable, mesmerizing, intense piece of art and was so blown away that it took me like 20 minuets to even realize what i heard.

After this i just hit repeat after, repeat after, repeat after, repeat, like a million times. I couldn’t just realize what found. You know these moments you hear or see something and know its always a part of you now? that’s what happened here. This song was so intense and emotional, it just burned in my brain and heart.

Shortly after i tried to find some more songs, to figure out if it was just this song or if these guys able to start something big here. Since it doesn’t  happen often, that i got hooked on a Band like it happen with my all time Favorite Band Alexisonfire. And dude did i got pretty lucky.

First i found Hell, also pretty impressive and got me the same second it started.


Followed by the same level of stunned how got it is with Fade


And there i was, listening to these 3 songs for days and longing for new stuff like an addict. Weeks passed and turned into 1 month – 2 months – 3 months and then some day, without any warning something happened on there Facebook page. There was this kinda subtle but beautiful picture of an possible album cover. Shortly followed but the magic words September the 23th. I couldn’t believe it. Just 7 days before my birthday they are going to give a an great Gift early.

There it was “Love Is Not Enough”

I patiently waited till i was able to pre-order on there Shop. Even seconds after the store open i placed my order for the Limited Bundle with a Tee and a pretty good looking colour for the vinyl. But since the Vinyl would take longer to arrive then the release date of the album, i was lucky it also included a code for digital download.



REST IS COMING LATER TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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