Movie Review: Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn

Drive‘ is an absolutely successful mix of beautiful pictures, sad figures and an insanely good soundtrack in the 80s style, which really captivates you.


I could be eternally cruising with the driver through the nightly L.A.
But while the quiet camera and the few dialogues seem almost mesmerizing, the shocking outbursts of violence suddenly get you back into reality.

The staging of the flight at the beginning of the film, with which you hear nothing else but the policing and the baseball transmission on the radio, is captivating. Here, you feel like you are on the run. But the driver with his toothpick in the corner of the mouth is always master of the situation and I must really say: Ryan Gosling is a really cool guy!
How he can express so many emotions as a taciturn and reserved driver and stunt driver with little mimic is nevertheless really impressive. No wonder his main role in ‘Drive’ meant a major breakthrough for him.
But Carey Mulligan is also a charming neighbor, and the romance of the two is, for me, one of the most beautiful and convincing I have seen in recent years. In doing so, the relationship between the two lives and develops through looks and gestures rather than words.

Worth mentioning are also the super occupant secondary rolls. Whether Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac, Ron Perlman or Albert Brooks – all roles are interesting and authentic.

There may be some elements from other films in ‘Drive’, but the mix of all this harmonizes perfectly in this movie.
Thus, the quite unknown Danish director Nicolas Wending Refn created an atmospheric and melancholic thriller-drama in a retro look, which is for me a real piece of film art or audiovisual a masterpiece.
The driver – a lonely wolf with a scorpion on his jacket and anger in his stomach – is simply a cult!


So how about you? What did you thought about this Flick? Feel free to tell me bellow in the comments.


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