About Me


You probably wanna know why i wanted to start this Blog and its probably the same reason like million other ppl out there. Because i needed some space to talk about the things i hate or love without having my family, boss or close friends to judge me or every single word i write. And by no means at all my parents wouldn’t judge me or see me different if i woul write it on facebook or else, but having a blog is still a way more intimate way to expresse things. And lately i feel like i cant really talk some of them about stuff like that anymore or could never since they have a different taste and i dont want to bother them with it.


In this blog im trying to talk about everything on my mind. From the activitys/things i like to maybe some disturbing news or just a dumb conversation wich made me crazy. Since im a person !always! nice to the person i talk to. He can be such a asshole and dumb as fuck, im still goin to be nice, even though i dont need to since i dont know him at all. Maybe i just watched a movie and am totally hyped, or it made me so sad i want to share this feeling. But it could also just be an awesome band or composer i just found or already listened to. Got a few more comics or gut myself some nerdy stuff wich half the ppl know probably comment with

“yay cool but what can you do with it besides putting it on your shelf”.

I dunno maybe put it up my ass? Why can i just not be happy with collecting something ,that dosn’t need to have a world changing feature.

And as you probably already realised from my darn bad grammar , english isn’t my mother language. I used to live and work in Kelowna, Canada for an entire year and was pretty good at it, but being back in germany for way to many years again, it got worse. Hope its ok and this blog will also help me get better at it again.